Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs



Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs

Curriculum Curated for Every Stage

Our exclusive line of curriculum is designed specifically for every developmental stage of education with theme-based units, specific learning activities and teacher-friendly lesson plans. As a parent, rest assured your child is benefiting and advancing from the most innovative curriculum available.

Take Part in Your Childs Day

Daycare Web Watch is a live, secure video feed that can be accessed at any time by parents and immediate family members of children enrolled at Page Academy. You can have the utmost confidence that your child is happy, safe, and loved.

Standards for Excellence

Page Academy is fully accredited and offers the ultimate foundation for your child. All of our teachers have the necessary education and training required by the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing.  Many of our teachers also have degrees or advanced degrees, and several years of experience, with some having been at Page for over 30-years.


infant, toddler and Junior kindergarten programs

Page Academy provides a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children. Our school is a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society.

Page wants all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe, and healthy environment. We welcome positive family involvement and encourage a parent-teacher approach where the needs of every child come first!

Newport Mesa Campus

657 Victoria Street
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Infant, Toddler, Junior Kindergarten
& Kindergarten Programs

Hancock Park Campus

565 N. Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California
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Toddler, Junior Kindergarten
& Kindergarten Programs​

Beverly Hills Campus

419 S. Robertson Blvd
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Toddler & Junior Kindergarten Programs

Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs

Infant, Crawler & Toddler Programs

At Page Academy, pre-academic, social, and emotional exposure begins in our infant program.  Working directly with parents, caregivers are focused on engaging children to reach specific developmental milestones, in a social environment, while caring for the individual child’s emotional needs.

 As children progress through our program, we continue to work on developmental milestones focusing on fine and large motor skills.  Age-appropriate educational toys are utilized, and children begin to develop their individual personalities while continuing to improve their social skills.

Our toddler program is more academically structured, as children begin circle time focusing on songs, letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Academic art is introduced and children begin coloring, painting, drawing, and gluing. 

Preschool Program

Preschool is such an exciting time for young minds to expand.  At Page Academy, we focus on developing the whole child through both independent and teacher directed activities.  Our academic program is a phonics-based program utilizing the Zoo Phonics curriculum.  In addition, our students will work on pre-writing and pre-math skills, in conjunction with phonics and pre-reading.  

Potty training is also a primary focus in our Early Preschool Program.  All children progress at different rates, and we make potty training fun and fearless.  Our dedicated teachers know exactly how to create a potty training environment that is safe yet exciting for the children by offering praise without pressure.

At Page Academy, we’re making and creating leaders through our Global Citizenship program. Beginning in our infant program and expanding through our Preschool, children are exposed to cultures, countries, and customs from around they world. They also explore and participate in STEAM education by visiting our designated lab and become young engineering adventurers. 

Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs
Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs

Junior Kindergarten Program

Junior Kindergarten students take our program to the next level, completing kindergarten level phonics, mathematics, and handwriting books.  

• Hands-on involvement — By using teacher-directed and self-directed activities, children are encouraged to learn through engaging, hands-on approaches that allow each child to explore their surroundings

• Character development — Emotional, behavioral, and social skills are developed through our program to help your child grow into a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted citizen

• Social-emotional activities — As they are growing, preschoolers are learning how to display their emotions and interact with their peers and teachers. Our program is developed to further guide your child’s social-emotional growth through positive interactions with those around them.

Kindergarten Program

As children grow into our elementary program, they bring with them a strong foundation of learning, social skills, and emotional skills which involve friendships, problem-solving, and independence.  They are able to maintain a rigorous academic schedule and continue to enjoy special subjects like art, music, physical education, technology, and foreign language. 

All subjects are taught individually, as a large group, and in smaller groups.  The playground is a larger space, which allows students to continue to develop independence, accountability, and respect for themselves, their fellow students and to the elementary staff.  In other words, to live by the school motto:  “Growth With Honor.”

Page’s Kindergarten Program provides children with a strong foundation that not only builds on Junior Kindergarten program, but also helps prepare the child for a successful Elementary school experience.

Page Academy | Los Angeles Private School | K-8, Infant & Toddler Programs

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Page Academy promotes a positive learning environment and personalized approach that sets the stage for extraordinary learning experiences. This nurturing environment develops life-long learners who are engaged, knowledgeable, self-reflective, and self-directed.

Los Angeles Campus
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