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A Letter From the Head of School

Dear Parent, 

For more than a century, Page Academy has maintained a proud legacy of excellence in independent, non-profit education. We offer a superb coeducational learning experience to students Age 2 through Grade 8 and Infants and Toddlers in Beverly Hills, Hancock Park and Newport Mesa. As a recognized leader in character education, Page Academy offers a compelling combination of small classes, caring faculty, academic rigor, and strong personal values.

Over 110-years ago, Page Academy was founded with the motto “Growth With Honor.” Our schools’ goal is to promote self-discipline, responsibility, and respect that carries forward from the school community into the world. Each student is encouraged to do his or her best and are positively reinforced though a leveling awards program that encompasses not only academic achievement, sportsmanship, and citizenship; but also, school service, athletics, and improvement in any area of the school community.

Page Academy strives for educational excellence through a balance of academic, character development, physical education, fine arts, Spanish, organizational skills, and technology that lead to independent well-rounded citizens. Students are guided throughout the program to think critically and cultivate thinking skills. Through our nurturing well-qualified staff, our students are educated at the instructional level that meets their individual learning needs.

Page Academy is a great school, and I invite you to experience it for yourself and your family. Please call our Office of Admissions today to schedule a campus visit. Walk the halls, sit in on a class, listen to the conversations of our students and faculty, and I believe you will recognize what makes Page Academy distinctive, and a great school for your children.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Kristin Dickson,
Head of School

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